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The best way to increase education quality is to increase teachers' salary.

There is a belif that the low income of teachers leads to the poor quality of education .What's you opinion about the topic ?If you don't agree with the topic , what do you think is the best way to improve the education quality.

  • Jul 25 2012: The poor quality of education is caused by our current system of educating. Children learn by experimenting; they learn to walk by trying to, same with speaking. When they reach the age of six we take that from them and put them in front of a book, and education changes form to teaching. There is an excellent TEDTalk on the subject by Sir Ken Robinson ( that discusses the topic of how children today learn. I would request of you that you watch it, and share that with anyone else you may know that is in the education profession or planning on doing so later in life.
  • Jul 25 2012: The best way to increase education quality is to increase teachers' education.
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      Jul 25 2012: I agree!

      One way (maybe the best way atm) to do it is increase teachers' salary like the topic says. The salary increase is a demand for better teachers. And when the better teachers decide to take the job, there becomes a conflict between older teachers and newer teachers. And ultimately, the better/newer teachers will win, because they're better and more educated in general at the job than the previous ones.
      • Jul 25 2012: It's not a good categorization: Newers and olders. Brain and experiences are not in age, they are in brain. The best way to improve education are changing the topics (I mean the syllabus) or the way they are being explained to us. I'm a student, and I think ministry of education must change the topics we are learning because they are not enough, and not making us think.
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          Jul 25 2012: I think you are correct. I think you have realized that something is wrong with society and you want to fix it. And you may find that other people like me, believe in your idea and have also realized that education is the source problem that needs to be fixed. When more people like you and me start believing in this common idea, we have now created a demand for change. We want things to change because we believe that the current system doesn't fix the source of the issue. Thus, when the demand becomes so high (more people believe in the same thing), eventually supply will respond. We now have writers writing articles telling everyone that this is what's wrong with society and we need to fix it. We now have politicians trying to fix things in government and debating new laws or bills. We now have economists who think that spending should go towards education. Eventually we will have better teachers as a result of the collaborative effort of the common belief. We now have all these people from different fields doing what they can to correct change because they all believe in one common goal, which is that the source of the problem needs to be fixed.
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          Jul 25 2012: This is how I think society works. Our previous generation did the same to their previous generation. That previous generation did the same to their previous generation. And so on...

          You maybe right, Newers and Olders may not be a good way of categorization, but without a doubt there's a reason why the Newers believe in different things than the Olders. Or else, African-Americans may be stuck as slaves because no one believed it was wrong.
  • Jul 26 2012: A pay raise may act as an incentive to increase teacher productivity, but there are many other factors outside the teachers hands that are lowering the education quality.

    These factors can include large classrooms, outdated textbooks and equipment, lack of training for teachers and staff, old run-down buildings,etc.
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    Jul 26 2012: I remember the "Pay teachers more" campaign from way back in the 1970s. Teacher pay has risen - very substantially - since then. Let's admit that no matter how much they're paid, the will never come a time when teachers will say "Thanks, I'm paid enough now."

    Education will increase in quality when school vouchers allow privately funded schools to complete with public schools on a level playing field.
  • Jul 26 2012: I like the writings of John Taylor Gatto a lot. (N.Y. state teacher-of-the-year a couple of times, I think.) He wrote the book - Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum Of Compulsory Schooling

    He sounds similar to Gever Tulley & Sir Ken Robinson, & me.
  • Jul 25 2012: Good idea. Let's increase teachers' salaries.
  • Jul 25 2012: There is another topic just like this! I'm just gonna repost what I said in there.
    Well, there are two problems that I see with raising salaries.

    The first is the lack of money. I know my school has been in proration for a few years; there simply isn't enough money in our education system. I think that is across the nation and not only in my area. In order to raise the salary of teachers, we would need to cut costs from other aspects of school. That would mean less teachers, less books, or less money spent on upkeep of the school. The only other option would be to raise taxes/take money from other government programs. That would be incredibly unpopular by the masses.

    The second problem is how do you measure a teacher's productivity? Teaching is not like a business. In a business, you can see who made the most money or product. Teaching isn't that simple. Standardized tests could be helpful in this, but they are not the best measure of a teacher's ability. A teacher could "teach for the test," but that isn't always helpful. Also, not all students are equal. A teacher might have a brilliant class one year and a below average class the next time. It makes measuring productivity difficult.

    I actually agree with Mr. Gilbert. I think a school voucher system would be helpful to educational quality. The system that we have now makes private schools very expensive. A voucher system would promote more competition between public schools and private schools. As it now, the public school system really has very little incentive to be productive. If it isn't productive, it is fine because not many people have the option to go to a private school.
  • Jul 25 2012: Yeah, what I think is this: People have cases. We want to improve, build, or destroy things. When the cases become folk's cases, that means we almost succeed it.
    For example, our shared case is improving education. Lots of students are aware of the problems of education, so that means education case nearly succeed.
    I want to add this: I want to be the primeminister:D Because I want to improve and fix education, language, my country, etc. The direct solution is this, I think. It seems like a dream, but no, it's not:D
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    Jul 25 2012: As im still going to school (in germany however) i came to realize that there are so many skills which education in its current form doesnt procure.

    Ted offers me the possibility to achieve at least some of those skills. Discussion and critical thinking are the two that come to my mind first.
    Theres at least in germany nothing to be gained by increasing the salary of teachers. However changing the way education works would create results far diffrent.

    You have to realize that "education for everyone" became necessary when the industrial revolution began and that due to this the education systems goal is not to create intelligent/critical people which are able to think for themselves but it rather is build upon creating people which can work and have the skills neccesary to create income.
    Creating a fear of mistakes and therefore killing creativity is the outcome as the pupil must be able to "get the job done" at the end of his education.

    According to my observation an increase of salary rather leads to the opposite (teachers are paid quite well in germany ... above average for sure).
    I had an english teacher for instance, a likeable man at the age of about 25-30 who stated himself that the reason for him to become a teacher was that he wasnt sure if he wanted to stay "up to date in programming" for all eternity.

    And as teachers are paid quite well and have a huge amount of freetime thats what he chose to do.
    Well his lessons were basically based on watching two and a half men, how i met your mother and big bang theory...
    even with german subtitles.
    He finally came to realize that being a teacher doesnt bring him fullfillment and so he moved on.

    However the point is clear that an increase in salary leads to people becoming teachers for reasons other then educating.