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Where will TED be in 10 years?

The idea of 'TED' is a revolution in itself, I believe.
It is a place for ambitious, curious, resolute and intelligent minds alike to unite, converse and educate themselves.
I'm 17 years young and TED has completely changed my perspective, and many of my friends, i've even formed a committee for a TEDxYouth event, organized and presented by Youth. Awaiting a license approval.
Perspective change is what humanity needs, is it not? Enlightenment, on a spiritual, intellectually stimulating and creative level.
With the shared ability to educate myself in up to date, relevant areas, as well as the ability to email and converse with experts and/or students studying in areas that match my interest, for knowledge and guidance. TED is a form of education far superior to the monotonous school system. (With appropriate usage of course)
And it seems that the more TED talks I watch, and the more I learn and become familiar with consciousness itself, the more I see the current education system as flawed and antiquated.
Unity of the 'higher consciousness' beings will be the revolution, and I believe TED has engendered, or at least contributed in this momentous change.
I find myself pondering over the question:

"Where will TED be in 10 years, or more dramatically & ambitiously 20 years?"
Will it have transcended from a way to amplify one's thought energy to a powerful 'system' behind futuristic movements and education?

What are your thoughts?

"What changes our planet is consciousness, what creates consciousness is education."


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    Jul 26 2012: In 10 yrs, given the exponential learning potential, TED will be colonizing distant planets. Don't attempt to prove me wrong...I challenge you to prove me right.

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