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Where will TED be in 10 years?

The idea of 'TED' is a revolution in itself, I believe.
It is a place for ambitious, curious, resolute and intelligent minds alike to unite, converse and educate themselves.
I'm 17 years young and TED has completely changed my perspective, and many of my friends, i've even formed a committee for a TEDxYouth event, organized and presented by Youth. Awaiting a license approval.
Perspective change is what humanity needs, is it not? Enlightenment, on a spiritual, intellectually stimulating and creative level.
With the shared ability to educate myself in up to date, relevant areas, as well as the ability to email and converse with experts and/or students studying in areas that match my interest, for knowledge and guidance. TED is a form of education far superior to the monotonous school system. (With appropriate usage of course)
And it seems that the more TED talks I watch, and the more I learn and become familiar with consciousness itself, the more I see the current education system as flawed and antiquated.
Unity of the 'higher consciousness' beings will be the revolution, and I believe TED has engendered, or at least contributed in this momentous change.
I find myself pondering over the question:

"Where will TED be in 10 years, or more dramatically & ambitiously 20 years?"
Will it have transcended from a way to amplify one's thought energy to a powerful 'system' behind futuristic movements and education?

What are your thoughts?

"What changes our planet is consciousness, what creates consciousness is education."

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    Jul 31 2012: TED will be the cause of a great society's change. There are at least two scenarios. In the first one, if we still live in a democratic society, then TED will be a core part of curricula for every educational level. People will collaborate each other and economy will not prevail onto the rest of society components, anymore. So, the real value a thing will have is not the pecuniary one. Instead, value of things will be matched with credibility. But, depending on the degree of truthfulness of every idea spread throughout TED, we (humans) will be creating a society where philosophical relativity prevails, leading the world to an unstable political system where people saying the truth will be set aside and even great and true ideas would have been taken out of their context, generating a chaotic socio-political system. In the second scenario, TED will be watched as a suspicious for destroying legitimacy of established educational systems, since investors with interests in private educational institutions will see how the Congress of every nation around the world creates laws letting people to get an academic degree by the sole fact of giving a proficiency examination. These investors will try to destroy TED (and other free education sites as the Khan Academy), and people will be aware of who are trying to keep everybody uneducated. Then, a (pacific) revolution will happen against everyone supporting those educational abusive investors. This is the way Congress will, at last, give citizens the power to educate themselves free of costs, since people will be aware of impossibility for educating their children with so higher educational fees, and being aware that investors and allied politicians are trying to impoverish them living in a material, work-to-survive economy. This way, TED will still be "on air" educating people for free, and making a robust democratic society, as a consequence. So, reaching from here the 1st. scenario will be a possibility to consider, next...
  • Aug 20 2012: I, for one, cannot predict the future, however, I hope TED continues to be a learning institution for those of us who love to stimulate our ability to think and reason.
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    Jul 29 2012: Create a vision, take actions required to materialize that vision.
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    Jul 26 2012: In 10 yrs, given the exponential learning potential, TED will be colonizing distant planets. Don't attempt to prove me wrong...I challenge you to prove me right.
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    Jul 26 2012: Considering how open TED is about ideas about anything, I believe that society may adopt a lot more open-source ideas. So as for TED, maybe it will be integrated into schools, since you have already started to. At the rate TED seems to be going, we'll have way more crazy ideas on stuff like dealing with the morality of Genetic Engineering, maybe we'll have a better understanding of Quantum Computing, maybe TED itself could be integrated into the government of society and we will have a government that really becomes just one gigantic forum. We may have subtitle translations so that anyone from any country can understand the TED Talks. Google Translate also helps with the comments. Okay maybe the one about the government won't happen in 10 years, but the rate of ideas generated increase exponentially. And also the thing is the people 10 years from now are the generation that is grow ing up with Social Media right now, so the ideas they have will radically be very interesting... We shall see what kind of stuff they got to offer.
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    Aug 24 2012:
  • Jul 27 2012: In 10 years, TED will have decimated the un-insightful and idiotic parts of the human race. They'll also have their own television channel. It would be like Discovery channel, but much cooler.
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    Jul 25 2012: I think it will still be right where it is when I click on my TED icon! I hope so at least even if it has motivated me to be in a different place.