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What would you say instead of 'God bless you' when someone sneezes?

Today the phrase 'Bless you' is more of a courteous comment than an actual blessing. Most people don't think twice before letting it slip out of their tongue. But if you're uncomfortable using it and don't want to seem rude, what would you say instead?


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  • Jul 31 2012: As with everything. Deconstruct to the extreme. If you can break everything down to a simple '1' or '0', you can grok many things.

    In this case (we were told), 'God Bless You' is taken from Hoch Deutsch. High German, the original we were told about was 'Gesundeheit'. Or 'Health High'. Or 'Have good health'.

    In ancient times they thought that a demon took over your soul for the duration of the sneeze, and that a 'blessing' from 'god' would be, well, it wouldn't hurt.

    What do 'I' say when someone sneezes? I usually stop focusing on whatever I'm preoccupied with. I look at the person. Say 'Gesundheit'. Then check to be sure they're ok.

    I don't have 5 minutes to spare, I sure do have 5 seconds to 'care'. (Marian Call, Coffee by Numbers, paraphrased).

    Qyv? No idea what would Qyv's response would be.

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