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You learn something new everyday, what will it be tomorrow? what about an App that suggests what to do Outdoors and learn via Social media?

What did you Learn Today? I want an app. not just an app that sees if you can beat a high score, but an app that shares peoples knowledge. BUT not just an app that shares knowledge, but an app that retains what each individual know. but not just an app that retains personal progress of learning, but an app that gets people away from screens. but that defeats the purpose of an app? no I want an app that gets people outside, one that gets people looking for new things to do, explore, and LEARN. an app that retains what you have learned and suggests you what you should try to learn and where you should go and what you should do. Now how could it do that? Well the number one question at every dinner table is "What did you Learn today?" so if people start up loading what they have learned every day, in such a way as a twitter platform then an app can link what others are do and where they are doing it and when they did it and based on common ground suggest to you what you could do tomorrow. just tell the app how much time you want to spend out doors and suggest to it what you want to learn and what you feel up to in the morning and it will give you simple suggestions... BUT aside from suggesting is retaining and if you 'Learned something new in a day you simply write it down and it links to twitter facebook and other networks you allow it to such as TED. some of the names for this app i was thinking about were acronyms; such as, W.I.L.T. (What I've Learned Today) S.I.L.O (something I learned Outside/Offline) or S.K.I.L.L.O (Some Knowledge I Learned Leaving Online) W.I.L.O (What I Learned Offline/Outside) W.I.L-D.O (what I Learned Doing/during offline/outside) W.I.L-G.O (what I Learned Doing offline)...something along those lines. I am about thinking about and creating Ideas, I do not have resources or knowledge to create an app myself, I more or less don't have the time or need the worry to create a company, I have a crohn's disease and Live with an Ostomy, that's Me

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    Jul 25 2012: My app of choice and the one that directs me to untold learning in areas I would never even have known existed is my youtube notficaition for TEDx talks. I also am notified of new TED talks but I am already my own app for that and I check every morning. Ditto for walks. They just feel good and so I get out there!