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How important is it to you to take action on the basis of what you learn?

Some of us learn almost entirely for the pleasure of it. Others see learning primarily as an investment in career. Others feel compelled to use their learning for a tangible productive purpose beyond achieving understanding and beyond providing commentary from the sidelines on other people's actions (or lack of sensible actions).

How important is it to take action on the basis of what you have learned? Is taking significant action a regular part of your life or more an intention for the future?

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    Jul 26 2012: Fritzie, Many things went through my small mind at one time. What if your parent was abusive, alcholic, sexually abusive, etc ... parents are teachers to. Not all teachers are objective. Many teach to their drum and disregard all others. Colleges and professors are becoming very political and embed this in their classes. Parents have racial and political hates and the kids love and trust their parents ... so to take action and become a KKK like good ole dad?

    In politics colege kids are pons and are disregarded after the election. Ethnic voters are sucked in with promises that are not allowed under the Constitution. All of the dreams come from executive orders not congressional action. This is done to teach you I am good .. they are bad and usually come in election years to garner a vote.

    So my point is that what is learned needs to be processed prior to implementation. Any one who has read any of my posts know I encourage research and action. I preach get in the game. That you may disagree have a reasonable dialog, hopefully with an open mind. That is also part of the learning process.

    Make sure the light at the end of the tunnel is not a on comming train.

    Best of luck. Bob.
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      Jul 26 2012: I am with you that processing ideas, including critical thinking, is important prior to taking action.
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      Jul 27 2012: What a thoughtful reply Robert.

      I comepletely agree with action after research. Not to say that sleep walking parents or the KKK can't teach us anything. They are capable of teaching us what not to do if our minds are opened at some point during our lives.

      So I would like to add that conscious thought is also an important part of researching and taking any type of action in regards to what you've learned, regardless of where you've learned it from.

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