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How can we build a better educational system?

I've been realizing more and more that our education system is pretty much designed to benefit only the corporations that run this world. I'm talking about the heavy emphasis on maths and sciences and not enough focus on helping the children find their passion by planting dreams in their capable minds.

Personally, I think it would be great if the variety of courses that we are able to take were widened, and if we get passionate teachers that know how to teach and want to teach. What I mean by knowing "how to teach" is if the person is able to get someone else up to their level of knowledge in something they are passionate about, and make it fun in the process! I think that defines a great teacher/professor, in any subject. That way, we'll be able to have a much more intelligent generation full of happy people who are doing what they want to do and are great at it! Ultimately that would benefit all of us as a species.

I know it may sound very ideal, but with time I think it is definitely possible.

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  • Aug 19 2012: Agree with the insightful and heart warming comments of Aviva. And just to address Pat Gilbert's for a moment:

    I think a distinction should be placed here separating communism and marxism from Karl Marx. The problem is that if we look at the regimes which popped up and vastly harmed the "collective," we can see that nothing which was championed was actually in line with Marx's theories for the development of collective society.

    It simply became a good way to control masses of people, to cite "Marx" as an ideological figure, and then to veer ever farther from what he actually said as soon as power was gained. For instance, Marx was not a proponent of coercion or of the rich ruling over the poor. However every marxist/communistic regime has done just that, been forced upon masses of people in order for a few to profit.

    It should be noted that Marx detached himself from all those who called themselves "Marxists" during his life and those who followed continued to veer further and further from his theories towards the ideas of violent revolution, a few "educated" controlling the masses, etc.

    The reason why Marx's writings though are important is because he actually sought to tie together man with nature through observation. He therefore came to conclusions which weren't founded on the motivations for profit or power, but which sought to take into account this system of nature which we are all a part.

    In this way Marx was and still is ahead of his time as a theorist, because he sought to apply an integral approach to social and economic life. It is an approach which is still misunderstood because usually it is viewed from the perspective of those who bastardized his writings and then attributed his name to their cause(s).

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