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How can we build a better educational system?

I've been realizing more and more that our education system is pretty much designed to benefit only the corporations that run this world. I'm talking about the heavy emphasis on maths and sciences and not enough focus on helping the children find their passion by planting dreams in their capable minds.

Personally, I think it would be great if the variety of courses that we are able to take were widened, and if we get passionate teachers that know how to teach and want to teach. What I mean by knowing "how to teach" is if the person is able to get someone else up to their level of knowledge in something they are passionate about, and make it fun in the process! I think that defines a great teacher/professor, in any subject. That way, we'll be able to have a much more intelligent generation full of happy people who are doing what they want to do and are great at it! Ultimately that would benefit all of us as a species.

I know it may sound very ideal, but with time I think it is definitely possible.

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    Jul 26 2012: What needs to be done is we need to try to bring out their curiosity. And to do this, we need effective communication. Basically we need to speak their language.

    So how do we do this?
    Better Teachers: raise teacher salary. There are a lot of people who want to be teachers but they think teachers' salaries suck so they don't. Improve the education of teachers on how to teach. Universities do that.

    Better Tools: Youtube, KhanAcademy, Internet, Facebook, Google+, TED, Coursera, etc. Because the demand for better education is high, there is now a demand for making better tools for teaching too, so we'll see better tools to come...
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      Jul 27 2012: I have a very similar view on this subject. While I don't think raising their salary will do the job, I think having a course on how to teach effectively (aka communication 101) will adversely affect the effectiveness of education, depending on who's teaching it.

      Speaking of educational tools, I've always been a fan of video games (for a major part of my life) and I don't discount the fact that games are the most concentrated form of media (sound, visual, interaction, story, etc) and I think we can utilize this potential and make games fun to play and educational, perhaps even productive. It would be a stark contrast between dry and boring textbooks against fun and exciting educational games.
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        Jul 27 2012: There's a lot of research going on with game theory and trying to make it educational right now. A really cool one I found a while ago is DragonBox, which is a game that tries to teach kids algebra: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6Np4Eb0Ff0

        I think raising the salary may help in the long run, not immediately. Raising the salary will increase the demand for smarter guys to teach. The smarter guys will have competition with the preexisting teachers, and usually it's the better ones that stay while the worse ones get kicked out. Once the demand is created, universities may start demanding a new course on new ways of teaching.

        Or just creating an entirely new system altogether for teaching could be it too. Like online courses perhaps.

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