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How do you see the world without nuclear energy ?

Today, nuclear power is used for civil and military purposes but its heavy impacts on environment bring us to reconsider the use of this energy. My question is what are consequences if we had to break away with nuclear energy socially, economically and ecologically speaking ?


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  • Jul 26 2012: Economically: Nuclear energy is low cost way to meet base load electricity. By removing this option nations will need to find alternative and more expensive energy sources to meet the ever growing demands. The extra costs will be passed on to consumers either directly through energy bills or indirectly through the rising prices of the products they buy.

    Ecologically: The replacement of nuclear energy will more likely be fossil fuel based such as natural gas or coal. This will cause an increase in pollution levels and a deterioration of human health. It is true that nuclear reactors produce radioactive wastes but if stored correctly they have far less impact then fossil fuels.

    Socially: There will be a positive reaction at first, but this will change once the public starts understanding and feeling the above problems.
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      Jul 26 2012: "Nuclear energy is low cost way"

      due to crazy level of regulations, this is no longer the case. in recent years or a decade, nuclear climbed in price above fossils. and this trend can only continue, considering the public pressure against nuc.
    • Jul 27 2012: It will only get more expensive, but as our understanding and standards increase, safety and overall production will eventually become better and cheaper.

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