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What does chocolate taste like?

Tell us about your favorite chocolate, and how it tastes.

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    Jul 24 2012: My favorite chocolate tastes like austrian mountains. Sour like the smell of lichen on a tree, pasty and sweet like the view and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it.
    White chocolate tastes too much like a slug taking a nap.
  • Jul 31 2012: To me, chocolate tastes like coming home after a long arduous trip.
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    Jul 28 2012: Chochlate tastes like Dark, Cream,y rich yet sweet, powerful, overcoming, an indulgence, complimentary to all tastes, it is not my favorite taste, prob because of its over powering effects that alter other tastes. but milk or white can be enjoyed alongside so caramel or fluffy cream-cheese icing on vanilla cake. but Dark is best observed with Chilies P: ummmm
  • Jul 28 2012: My favorite chocolate is all the chocolates, I love all the chocolates!
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    Jul 25 2012: Chocolate is getting a bad rap. To sweet, fattening, bad for teeth, etc .... To truly enjoy chocolate one must enter with the correct frame of mind.

    Chololate is made from the coco bean.

    Beans in the major food groups are vegatables.

    So next time you have chocolate enjoy your veggies.

    All the best. Bob.
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      Jul 25 2012: I think chocolate used to taste like ambrosia, now, since the strokes altered my taste buds I have yet to find a chocolate i enjoy (I can't even eat bananas anymore!) but I am still searching!
  • Jul 24 2012: Light chocolate or dark chocolate?
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      Jul 24 2012: Which ever you like, or both.
      • Jul 25 2012: I prefer dark chocolate. In my opinion, dark chocolate tastes exactly like dark chocolate.