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why do earth's overall population grows, but in some countries decrease?

the world's overall population is gong up drastically. but in some countries, population decrease is not far. what do you think about that?

  • Jul 25 2012: The overall population grows because of the increased productivity of modern agriculture-because the population is always limited by the aviable food. Even NGOs do not show starving children anymore, because today starving people are a result of civil wars and other conflicts, but not the reality.

    In some western cultures the population decreases because of high cost of living. Funnily not the cost of food, but people have to pay their cars, phones, cable tv, holiday trips, designer cloth, etc.., that in the end there is not enough for a family, or better said, there is enough, but a child means give up something, while using your x-hundred dollar phone is "magic".

    Developing countries will see a stop of population growth once they have cars, phones and designer cloth. Today they got mainly free food and medicine provided by the western world, but not much more than that. So they do, what people tend to do when there are no toys or duties that distract them from their environment. They, well, you know what they do when there is nothing else to do...

    But like i said, it is mainly based on the aviable ammount of food. You can see that after military conflicts end, in places where the food aviability is good, the population grows quickly, when there is a problem with food aviabilty, it does not grow until there is more food. In places with modern agriculture techniques it goes way quicker than in places who fall back on older techniques and do not get donations.

    Education is no explanation, because the growth of population is not dependend on the level of education. Actually, the higher the education is, the more developed an area is, you see a decrease of births. And education is not really needed, people who drink coffee do not necessarily know how to grow coffee, nor how to make it drinkable. Some smart people are enough to keep the game going-anyhow, we all like to call us educated, because we are ashamed of being stupid, or seen like that.
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    Jul 24 2012: The Earth's population is expanding because human beings take what they need from the environment and it will only fall when the ability of the planet to meet these needs fails.

    Populations in third world countries tend to increase because indigenous people have more children than necessary for two reasons. One is that not all children will survive due to disease and malnutrition and having more children will increase the likelihood that some will reach adulthood. The other reason is security in that people have children to support them as they age.

    In first world countries, where adequate nutrition and a socio-welfare support structure is present, it is unnecessary to have large families and the diseases prevalent in third world countries do not exist. These countries have to import population in order to carry out certain functions as it is not possible to grow organically.
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    Jul 24 2012: IN MY VIEW:
    Countries where education level is high and health services good people feel more secured in term of earning and wish to live and do more. They don't plan on starting family at early age and even if they do they don't wish to burden themselves with responsibility of more children. They are also more confident about their children's health.
    Countries where education level is low people and health services are poor; people feel more insecure as they don't have fixed job and need to engage in labor work. The only way they can be a bit more free is if their children can carry on their responsibility. IF they have more children it means more work force. In such countries even child mortality is high. People are also not aware of proper birth controls. The only way population decrease in such countries is due to natural causes or war. In some families giving birth to 6-10 children is quite common among which in average 3-4 children survive. Population in such countries tend to increase alarmingly each year. At times even religious beliefs can be a reason for population growth.
    Now doing simple comparison with the number of developed countries with developing or under developed countries its quite obvious that the population is rising.
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      Jul 24 2012: I agree with you... I also think that in countries with a higher education level, people tend to be more aware of themselves and their own desires, which may make some of them more selfish and oriented towards their own benefits, not the benefits of the children they could have.
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    Jul 24 2012: It's due to an increase in family planning, the emancipation of women and a growing economy. Once the women in say Germany have high paid jobs they don't have time to look after 2 or 3 kids so they just have 1, this trend is seen throughout most of it's population and hence the population starts to decrease. So far I think it's France, Germany and Japan which have experienced this phenomena.
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      Jul 24 2012: Germany - yes. But France - are you sure? I always had the impression that the French rather tend to have two or more children, because their social system makes it a lot easier to raise them, as for example the German system.
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        Jul 24 2012: Yes the current French system promotes families of three kids. But this was after a slump in population growth and a rise in elderly dependents. So to counteract this they made having a family very easy.
        Now I may be wrong and it's maybe been that way for a while, but I was taught this is geography on population and it was taught in such a way that implied that it was responsive actions but I may be wrong.