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why do earth's overall population grows, but in some countries decrease?

the world's overall population is gong up drastically. but in some countries, population decrease is not far. what do you think about that?


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    Jul 24 2012: It's due to an increase in family planning, the emancipation of women and a growing economy. Once the women in say Germany have high paid jobs they don't have time to look after 2 or 3 kids so they just have 1, this trend is seen throughout most of it's population and hence the population starts to decrease. So far I think it's France, Germany and Japan which have experienced this phenomena.
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      Jul 24 2012: Germany - yes. But France - are you sure? I always had the impression that the French rather tend to have two or more children, because their social system makes it a lot easier to raise them, as for example the German system.
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        Jul 24 2012: Yes the current French system promotes families of three kids. But this was after a slump in population growth and a rise in elderly dependents. So to counteract this they made having a family very easy.
        Now I may be wrong and it's maybe been that way for a while, but I was taught this is geography on population and it was taught in such a way that implied that it was responsive actions but I may be wrong.

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