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Do games make human smarter?

in what way, or why?


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    Jul 24 2012: IN MY VIEW:
    Involvement in any activity will enhance over all understand of that thing. Repetition will enhance reflex action. creativity and much more but even after all these I can't be much sure about being smart. If he/she is smart gaming may not be their right choice of fun time activity.
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      Jul 24 2012: Are you saying that smart children / people should not play games in their leisure time, because the repetitive actions in games do not foster creativity and intelligence? I somewhat disagree with you here.

      As for PC, console, and online games -- the good ones are not only about repeating things and instant gratification after correctly applying the learned reflexes. Games are also about solving riddles, finding suitable strategies... and you can inlcude a lot of history or social problems in games and let players experience real-life issues in the context of virtual worlds!

      As for board and card games, the players are equally required to find the best strategies to win and to outsmart their opponents. A poker face can likewise be a useful tool in real-world situations, where you would not want your emotions to surface -- but that is just an example.

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