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What happens when military forces occupy their own country?

I have wished for the day to see global peace, but I wonder if the military is a barier or a guardian of the peace. Dont get me wrong I love every soldier that has faught for us and I believe that peace is of most importance but in the 21st century do we need or do we want military forces to protect our country.

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    Jul 24 2012: And one more important thing that we need to do to raise kids in the new generation is to show them that we care for them. Basically, we need to show them that they are accepted in society for who they are. I believe in a theory (I'm still testing this one but I think it's reeeeally good) that all human beings want to feel like they belong in this society. They want to feel like they are accepted, because if they are not, they feel loneliness and extreme depression, self-loathing and society-loathing, and all sorts of negative unstable mentality.
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    Jul 24 2012: @Stewart, yes, I agree that the military are needed for the time being.

    But in order for us to achieve global peace, we need global understanding. And to obtain global understanding, it all starts with the new generation of people and kids. How can we instill the kids to understand things or people or anything really? They need to be curious. When you're curious, you motivate yourself to learn more. All the geniuses out there are curious. Hell, we are all curious beings, but we are constrained by society (and specifically the public education system). So in order to achieve global understanding, all kids in the world need to be raised as curious beings, not as machines who can't think for themselves. While I don't believe this will happen overnight, I believe this is what will eventually happen as more and more kids in newer generations are raised this way. Hell it's happening right now. We're simply in the transitioning phase...
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      Jul 24 2012: But in developing global understanding we can't abandon our senses, we can't let cruel leaders get away with what they do etc.
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        Jul 24 2012: You're exactly right. But I think we ourselves also have to realize that we are a product of our society. So the fact that I am able to discuss with you about this topic on a Ted Forum and not get shot by the government or just anyone in society means that society is doing something right. And so, for today's problems, yes, we can't let cruel leaders get away with what they do, but I believe that there's an increase in the general population of intelligent people as more and more intelligent people have now realized what the problems in the world are compared to yesterday's intelligent people. Society is like another system of supply and demand. Because people are getting smarter and they're realizing what the real problems are in the world, they have created that demand. And eventually the demand for the change will become so great that someone will supply those changes to the demands.
  • Aug 1 2012: Think about what you said:
    " if citizens were the only line of defense for a country...."
    Then we wouldn't fight one another.
    Citizens don't want war. Leaders do. You haven't woken up to that fact yet?
    I was raised to believe all Russians hated me, me, not you, me, and wanted to kill me.
    They just want to live, peacefully with comfort, love, community, fun and with something to do.
    You think, nay, you are brainwashed into believing their past time is thinking about getting me!

    Same with everyone else. Africans want peace. South Americans want peace. Fscking polar bears want peace and so do mountain lions. They don't want to be hunted in a "sport" they know nothing about.
    Terrorism as you think of it, nay you don't, you only think what you are told to think, is a manufactured concept by those who don't want peace. Again, who are they? Your leaders, politicians, the wealthy elite and so on.

    They aren't blacks, women, gays, or anyone else who just wants to live.
    Either that or I'm guessing your deep-seated convictions are violence, war, death and destruction.
    They ain't mine, just for the record.

    There is no "demand for the military" there is just "the military demand for".
  • Jul 27 2012: Fascism. Totalitarianism. Tyrannical dictators and freedom haters.

    America is now a good first guess. And you'd be right.
    Or North Korea, Russia, China, England, a down-under clamoring to join the gangs, or anywhere where the gangs created to protect the citizens have now turned against them. OR, or are used against them by those in power. It's happening in more and countries all the time.

    "See those people over there? They want to take away your freedoms, so to protect you, we will take away your freedoms!"
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    Jul 25 2012: But I also think that currently, the demand for the military high due to "terrorism" and other enemies. But eventually, as we come to understand each other globally, we won't think of them as enemies anymore. And with no enemies, why would we need the military anymore? So basically the demand for the military becomes low when we have no more enemies. And the military will naturally die off in due time.
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    Jul 24 2012: You get (drum roll!) AMERICA! But without the USMC, Army or Navy Seals ect . Besides, if citizens were the only line of defense for a country, then that country has a snow balls chance in hell of surviving.
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    Jul 23 2012: This is relevant to your question, have you seen it yet?
    • Jul 23 2012: I have but my true question is do we need or want the security that the military supplies?
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        Jul 23 2012: Yes, for now at least, as long as their are extremist regimes and leaders who repress their people and aren't happy until every country flies under their flag we require the security of an army. But more than that we need an army for liberating others, id say it's even a moral duty for developed countries with diplomatic and forceful techniques to ensure equality throughout the world. If there's a leader who kills every third born child, well he's got to go, especially if he is planning of trying to rule other countries
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        Jul 24 2012: Yes, but more as a deterrent. We can imagine a reduced army who are only exceptionally called to arms. On the other hand, I don't want the military handling security inside the country, for that, there is the police force.