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How to build our future without destroying the Earth ?

I want to talk with the members of TED community about our future and our children's future because it is important to us, how to develop without destroying.


Closing Statement from Ahmed Ben Yaghlen

In this society the young people from the cities and from the countryside, professionals or not, often the world's leaders , have all means to join and reinforce our efforts to raise the brave torch of the protection our home that illuminates the way in which the future of us all is decided.

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    Aug 7 2012: The first way to go forth is cleaning up the mess we already are in. If we are pumping more carbon in the system more than it can absorb, we have a serious threat. The biggest challenge of the day is alternative energy which is truly clean (unlike some of our bio-fuels like ethanol which damages more than the repair.) Also educating the masses is a concern. Most of the people take the Earth for granted.

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