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Ahmed Ben Yaghlen

Student, Youth & Science Association of Tunisia

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How to build our future without destroying the Earth ?

I want to talk with the members of TED community about our future and our children's future because it is important to us, how to develop without destroying.


Closing Statement from Ahmed Ben Yaghlen

In this society the young people from the cities and from the countryside, professionals or not, often the world's leaders , have all means to join and reinforce our efforts to raise the brave torch of the protection our home that illuminates the way in which the future of us all is decided.

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  • Jul 27 2012: We need people to come together and collaborate no matter the cost. Our global community is lacking in acceptance and the ability to communicate together effectively. Once we as a race can move past our own wants and beliefs, we can truly prosper. Science isn't what needs to be improved to save our world. The human population needs to be improved.

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