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How do you anticipate the economy will move in the coming 12 months?

People are talking about Recession which is going hit badly in 2013. Many say we are already in recession. Now a days recession has not become a year thing and it has drilled down further and slowly becoming a monthly agenda.

I want the support of us the visionary TED community to brainstorm and find out how the economy will move in the coming 12 months.

From a individual perspective, how to become financially and emotionally secure our self and our family.

From a country's perspective how to proceed about doing things to not face any major setback.

I believe this conversation will prevent people from not getting any major setback and and stay on the current status and also highlight certain key aspects which might help us achieve considerable growth in this slowed down fear ridden economy.

  • Jul 23 2012: Strengthening economies is the worst thing for the quality of life for most of the world's population and the planet.
    The value of money will go up, but the standard and quality of life will go down.
    The resources of the world will be used up faster, more will go into poverty, slavery, inequality, hunger and starvation, the almost 2 billion without clean water will increase even faster and the rate at which children five years of age and under, die every day (currently 20,000) will skyrocket. There will be more wars and death by those who are financially secure, because those are their businesses of investment.

    Robert Winner, among many others said below: "The bottom line is what each household already knows ... you cannot spend more than you make. I do not understand why the leaders cannot understand this."

    Robert, sorry but I think you are lying to yourself. They do understand this. They do. They know just what they are doing and are doing it intentionally. You really think they don't? Then how did they get the job? And how did they get so rich? I know the truth is hard to see and admit, but if one cannot, then one must be really mentally ill, or seriously brainwashed. This is not an attack on you, but just a comment because I see it so often.

    "Oh, I can't believe they did that! I can't believe how stupid they are! What are they thinking?" They don't care what you think, or believe about them or even say about them. The know exactly what they are doing. It is their agenda and they are carrying it out.
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      Jul 23 2012: Ok Bubbles

      How would you answer this video?
      • Jul 24 2012: Hey Bub.

        Abundance for whom?
        There is more slavery in the world than at any time in human history.
        There are almost 2 billion people without clean water and that number is rising.

        20,000 children 5 and under die every day. Go over five years and the number soars.

        So for whom is this abundance for?
        Now, not in 30 years. Have you ever had to stick you mouth up the ass of a cow for something to eat, or something to drink? I hope you get that chance.

        While his talk is optimistic, the degradation of all life continues almost unabated.
        And this is tolerable. Huh? By whom? You?
        More are going hungry, dying of disease and living without shelter and medical care and these new technologies will all go for a price instead of for free.

        If one can't afford any of it, then it must be for free and free for all. He talks about sources that are not being used because there isn't a profit in it and profit means selling only to those who can buy and more and more cannot. I can't and I am slipping further down more each day.

        Anyway, I predict total collapse for the economy and Marshall Law in September so don't worry about going to the polls in November.

        Let's see what happens. I won't be around. Maybe you will. Optimism is good, helpful but I don't care for the suffering I see. To me it is intolerable, unacceptable and what makes it worse is knowing, since I was a very young child, that none of it was necessary.
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          Jul 24 2012: slave count today: estimated between 0,1-0,3%, lower than ever
          access to clean water: above 70%, higher than ever

          so it seems that the future is abundance for everybody, if we go on
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          Jul 24 2012: What is going to happen in Sept?
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    Jul 23 2012: the major "catastrophe" we are facing is like 10% drop in personal expenditures in the western world, and an increased development everywhere else. the root of problem is not this, but what governments will do in order to prevent it. they should, of course, do nothing. it is not that bad. and it is necessary. but it won't happen, because people don't accept the slightest decrease in their life standards, and they will fiercely defend every penny (see riots and marches in greece and spain).

    that makes the situation unpredictable. no market forces and no logic are involved. governments trying everything in the book to keep the show going on. and what tactics they come up with, is an open question. it is also an open question when people realize that the price to pay for it is too high. government measures have to grow in exponentially or bust. soon, we will see how governments take over everything, build fences everywhere, control our lives more and more tight. this has to end at some point.
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    Jul 23 2012: That depends on which side of the wall you are on. In the US jobs are falling and we are looking at the highest unemployment since the great depression. Our administration wants to launch social programs while we are broke. The tax threats have driven the wealthy to tax havens and off shore deposits. We are facing EPA Cap and Trade and carbon penalties which have led to coal fire plants demise ... more unemployment and the cost of power going up. There is no backup plan to suplement the grid power loss. The tempory gains for the people who want the free programs will be the downfall of the poor and they will be hit hard. The trillions going to overseas accounts from the wealthy will hammer the US banking system which will inhibit growth. Poor leadership will drive the US into the worst depression in history.

    The European problems are somewhat simular as the financial woes will never be resolved if the spending remains greater than the government intake. Germany has it right and everyone is upset about that. To bad. The socialist ideal is sinking the European ship.

    In most of the world politics and greed are strangling development. Politics are subset of differing cultures. Until these ideaolgies can be set aside to resolve the common issues the downward spiral will continue.

    The bottom line is what each household already knows ... you cannot spend more than you make. I do not understand why the leaders cannot understand this.

    All the best. Bob.
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      Jul 23 2012: I cannot understand how the constituents cannot understand this.

      FWIW odds are BO will not get reelected. Even so not sure the culture of the beltway can be changed in a manner that would effect what needs to be done.