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What is the most effective way to stimulate growth in developing nations?

Poverty, Education, Healthcare, Business, Government & Corruption, Employment, Finance, Environment, Social Justice.

Economic policy is created to assess these areas to stimulate economic development. Many developing countries have slow economic growth due to deficiencies in the above mentioned areas.

For many years, governments, NGOs, multinationals, and non-profits have sought out methods and formulas for tackling core issues in developing nations.

However, the concept of growth is also a contentious field. Is growth purely economic? Or is it also technological? Welfare or Wellbeing? It's up to you to decide!

In your opinion, what is the best way to stimulate growth in developing nations?


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    Jul 24 2012: To stimulate growth in developing countries it is necessary for governments to invest in infrastructure. It is only with adequate infrastructure that a country will develop since power, water, transport etc will form the building blocks to growth. After that, it is the turn of entrepreneurs to form businesses in order to make and sell things. The infrastructure projects will provide some local employment and the businesses will provide employment which will enable the employees to buy things from other businesses which in turn allows those businesses to grow. China is an interesting model as the population has gradually gravitated to cities where jobs have been created and tremendous growth has been seen.

    At the end of the day, growth is a factor of manufacturing and selling things to people who may or may not really need them. It is also interesting to see that growth is fuelled by demand. Take away the demand and growth stalls and we end up in recession!

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