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Efficiency (with Automation) vs Jobs, which takes priority?

Efficiency is doing a particular task faster, better, and cheaper. Being efficient has a tendency to destroy jobs because you need less people to do a certain task. While some jobs are created, most jobs are destroyed in the process. The #1 Job Killer in this world is efficiency added with automation.

For example, one computer programmer can kill 50 manual jobs. Sure, you could say that there will be more computer jobs but there's a problem with that. More then likely, it will only create 4 or so computer jobs. Not only that, it will probably be deficient 1 of those jobs because out of the 50 or so jobs it killed - only 3 of them have the intelligence to figure out how to do those jobs. And if you add more complex items like algorithm theory and advance mathematics, there's a good chance none of those 50 will ever have a job again.

Which comes to the question. Efficiency vs Jobs, which should be a priority in modern society?


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    Jul 24 2012: I think efficiency, should be given priority. Though it seems automation destroy jobs, of thousands, but recent practical examples provides us the dramatically opposite results. For example after computerisation of banking industry, there has been a significant increase in both- no of employees and customers. Another eg is of driverless metro rails ( http://rapidmetrorail.com/welcome.html ) coming up worldwide, which increases ridership/passenger carrying capacity of the entire metro system.
    So automation is not a threat to employment, until thre is a scope of further expansion of economy/or the system which has been automated, but if there is no scope then it may possibly destroy jobs forever.

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