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I remove the topic of this conversation. Sorry.

  • Jul 25 2012: Thousands of apologies, I do not try to steal your idea. I just search on the chatroom and I did not see your conversation. I'm removing this conversation due to a paper I read on the internet three days ago.
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      Jul 26 2012: I really feel bad now. I wasn't trying to get you take this down. I just wanted to know if you were stealing my idea or not. This could have been a great conversation.
      • Jul 26 2012: Don't worry Kevin. I do not remove this topic for your cause. We are in the dark ages of the atomic energy knowledge compared with other technologies and this is for a reason.
        I ensure to you that even if you make the project and succeed, your idea will never travel more than a safe box in one of the US military bases.
        You are a very smart person and I know you can achieve great things. I promise I will participate in any of the topics you post and support your ideas with everithyng I can with no interest at all. I worked for international pharmaceutical companies making automation projects in the million dollar range and now have a job that give me the flexibility to help other people achieve their dreams.You have a friend in TED comunity.
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    Jul 24 2012: Did you steal my idea I posted a little while back?
    • Jul 24 2012: Sorry. I did not read your previous conversation. I'm not going to talk anymore about this topic.
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        Jul 25 2012: I don't care if you talk about it. I just wanted to know if you were stealing my idea which was very similar to what you wrote. You don't have to take down the conversation! I encourage you to re type the conversation.