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Do you have a Facebook account? If yes, why? If no, why not?

I don't.
I do not like to be monitored.
And there are strange stories, like husband killed his wife because she changed her Facebook status.

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    Jul 23 2012: Hi Tatjana.
    No TED is my only digitised social vice. Life's too short. Even my absent daughter tired of Skype, & we now spend hours on the phone.
    Maybe when (if) I get to a retirement home & I've lots of time & no mobility. Not now though, too busy enjoying life.

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    Jul 23 2012: What's really funny is that as I start to type this reply, I noticed that there are two "share" tags: one for Facebook and one for Twitter.

    I knew we were in trouble as a society (well, a long time ago, but this one is recent) when, about five years ago, I heard about a news story where a man at his wedding, when the pastor asked him to take this woman, he pulled out his phone, changed his Facebook status to 'married' and then said 'I do.'

    It showed the level of importance that we place on ourselves. That marriage won't last. It won't last because at that moment that person standing in front of you should be all there is, but social media (Facebook) allows us the freedom to be so completely self-centered that little else matters.

    And I'm not being hypocritical. I'm guilty of this myself. The wife and I have cooled to Facebook, but for awhile there we were deep into it. Right now I'm battling a nasty Twitter addiction.

    Yes, there are strange stories, and we humans have this nasty habit of creating technology and THEN having to mature enough to handle it correctly. Social media is the current phase, where we have this magnificent toy, but instead of using it for real connections, we use it solely as a mirror for narcissism and self-aggrandisement.

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    Jul 23 2012: i don't ,because in chinese web ,it is not allowed facebook entesr our life
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    Jul 22 2012: No, I do not. I do not even know how it works. TED is sufficient social media for me and I expend my energies where I come away having learned something of importance to me.
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      Jul 22 2012: Debra, I am like you. I have no familiarity with Facebook, Twitter, or Goggle plus. I don't enjoy chat. I participated for about a year in a site that I thought was going to be a discussion site but which I found after giving it too long a chance to be principally light chat and repetition of trite, simplistic, predictable mantra. Some of the people were truly lovely, and all were supportive of each other personally, but I am not temperamentally suited for fluffy..
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        Jul 23 2012: Sweet Fritzie, that picture of the dog might have been my first clue to your level of fluff~
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          Jul 23 2012: Fluffy, grunting, snoring, warbling, roly-poly dogs are just fine. (Gabby's the name).
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    Jul 22 2012: If someone has to work on the weekends, they really couldn't care less you're "just so happy cause it's Friday" so you really did NOT need to post that to your updates.

    I suppose I would be in the classification of not having one, even though I used to. Because I don't use it anymore and don't see myself ever going back. And it was because of stupid update like that. I agree with Tatjana and think too many people use FB as a kind of substitute for real face-to-face friendships. And I also agree that some people are putting way too much credence into it. I've read where in some cases, material from FB is admissible in court for like divorce proceedings.

    I used to socialize a lot online, though rather than through FB, my thing was MMOs, then later chat sites. And that harmed my ability to socialize in-person. Thankfully in 2010 I gave all that up and began a new education and a new passion in Turkish language learning. So now when I socialize on the net, Its as a tool for career networking and towards my education. And Im actually going out now and trying to make up for that lost time and seek out people locally who share my interests.
  • Jul 29 2012: Yes, and I admit I got on it because of my friends (so, basically, peer pressure), but nowadays, it's to play games with. It's good for keeping up with random events in acquaintances' lives as well, people I am familiar with but don't feel the need to call or text unless the need arose.
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    Jul 29 2012: I have Facebook, but I use it to get to know more about others. Personally I use it like twitter, posting short thoughts.
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    Jul 23 2012: Yes I have. In Nepal specially among youth Facebook has become cheapest and easiest way to communicate thoughts or information of general nature. Hence its a lot more easier to be in touch with them through Facebook.
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    Jul 23 2012: You are right. We are addicted to totally unnecessary things.
    Me too. But I do not like to be monitored, observed, judged, by others.
    Humans need privacy.
    If we do not have privacy, that's stripping.
    Ancient Romans did a poo together while having conversation.
    Egyptians had public sex.
    Nowadays we have it too.
    So what is evolution, only technology, different means, but psychologically same urge behind it.
    And somebody made a fortune from human weakness.