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Any potential problem with the law of intelectual property with project of Vinay Venkatraman?

In this project, they repurpose the use of components inside the phones. My question is: is there any problem with the law of intelectual property? If yes, can they resolve it?

  • Jul 30 2012: This is not so much an attempt to answer your question CTT, then it is a plead to let Vinay continue with his project. Big corporates have historically not catered to the bottom of the urban pyramid (BOUP) segments yet this is changing as corporates realise potential earnings from the BOUP sheer volume in developing nations. Yes, it probably is illegal in part, but what Vinay and his team is doing has immense value and impact to the lives of millions. Corporates should act flawsomely by leaving him be or better still, contribute to making his projects scaleable.