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How smart can we make dolphins?

What would happen if we raised a dolphin from birth in an intellectually stimulating environment, and taught it a language that we made for it? how smart could it get? a major reason that humans are so smart is because we have the right environment for it, so lets give that to a dolphin.


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  • Mar 18 2011: im not exactly sure why you bothered commenting
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      Mar 18 2011: To point out the shortcomings of your argument and let you know that you should be thinking about doing things that would benefit humans instead.
      • Mar 20 2011: so you think we should abandon all forms of research that don't directly help humans? how about astrophysics? marine biology? astronomy? i could easily keep going. my questions was based around a desire to learn about the universe around me. yes helping our fellow humans is extremely important, but i don't think we should abandon curiosity of learning about the creations surrounding us

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