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How smart can we make dolphins?

What would happen if we raised a dolphin from birth in an intellectually stimulating environment, and taught it a language that we made for it? how smart could it get? a major reason that humans are so smart is because we have the right environment for it, so lets give that to a dolphin.

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    Mar 18 2011: Only we humans would be presumptuous enough to think that we had a better and more civilized way of doing things. I'm pretty sure there is a Dolphin equivalent of TED where they might justifiably be thinking "If only we could give those humans the same opportunity as we have then maybe they would be a little more intelligent." After all it is we humans who seem to be systematically destroying this planet and not the Dolphins.
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    Mar 17 2011: Hi Sam, I see where you're coming from. However I think attempting to "educate" a dolphin is not really what we need right now. Millions of people aren't getting a decent education around the globe, personally I think that's what we should be focusing on. Not dolphins. Fellow human beings should always be given priority over animals. If your upbringing and education in the United States has led to you believe that everyone manages to get a decent public education similar to the one Americans get then you're very mistaken. I'm not trying to be offensive, but the matter of the fact is, we should be helping others learn.
  • Mar 18 2011: im not exactly sure why you bothered commenting
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      Mar 18 2011: To point out the shortcomings of your argument and let you know that you should be thinking about doing things that would benefit humans instead.
      • Mar 20 2011: so you think we should abandon all forms of research that don't directly help humans? how about astrophysics? marine biology? astronomy? i could easily keep going. my questions was based around a desire to learn about the universe around me. yes helping our fellow humans is extremely important, but i don't think we should abandon curiosity of learning about the creations surrounding us