Joyonto Roy Chowdhury

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Next Gen AVO-Tech

While we watch a video, we get to watch its visual, hear its audio, think if it too evokes your olfactory. That is while you watch a recipe being cooked you too will get its smell, enjoy or dislike its flavor. Even while watching a news or movie you are getting the background smell. This will make things ultra live. Audio, Visual & Olfaction what you need more. But many inventions are yet to be made. Smell ,transmitter and many more...
This is surely a real challenge for inventors. I am terming this as the Next Gen AVO- Tech>>

I want to see if my idea is worthy and how much support I get from the world to give a try to bring it into reality

  • Aug 12 2012: In my business a "smell-o-meter" would be most helpful to explain photographs! You are on the right track!
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    Aug 6 2012: Nice thinking..
  • Jul 23 2012: I suggest you start by doing a google search of "computer generated smells".