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Computer science engineering student,

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Why you or we came to this earth and what is our job or work in this world...????

I think you all are understanding this question more than me

here i wanted to know is our birth or our life has some task which we have to do if yes then how we can know what task or work is for me and what for others ...??

  • Jul 23 2012: I believe, (from near-death experience reports) that everyone has two basic "assignments" in life; learn to love, and love to learn. From there, we should develop our individual talents and gifts, develop our souls. Some do, I think, have specific tasks such as cures for diseases or the inauguration of great religions or philosophies.
  • Jul 22 2012: We don't know.

    Lots of people like to answer this question in generalities, but I think we need something more specific. The kind of answer that we can use to build a plan, assign tasks and measure progress. Once we achieve the purpose of human kind, who knows what might happen? Perhaps God will give us a personal visit.

    We need a research project to discover this purpose. Would you like to volunteer for this job?
    • Jul 22 2012: Barry, it seems to me the research project already exists within each of us. If we have had good parents the research began in earnest as a youngster and our parents helped us see value, ethics, and morals are part of our purposes for daily living. They would have helped us gain confidence in who we are and confidence we have ability to make good decisions. Certainly we need a lot of time to discover purposes; our concepts will change or evolve over time.

      Our purposes vary widely. Maybe, just maybe one's greatest purposes depend on the size of each one's circle of influence. If your world is small, then exert as much good influence on others are you are able within your small world. But, if you have a larger influence, then you have greater responsibility to influence people rightly for better living, to include of course, good government, religion, finances, public service, et al.

      Discovering one's purposes apparently does not happen easily for many. Consider: How many college graduates are working in the field of their degree? Discovering new meaning may happen many times in a life. Maybe a great purpose will emerge when one has past age 80, for wisdom is gained through conflict, problem solving, and also desire to do right for one's fellows.

      As I see it, we are not required to fret over purpose; we can do the best we are able to do right where we are! Dreaming for doing something different is OK, ambition is OK, thinking of improvements for many aspects of life is OK. Purposes may emerge when least expected!

      Examining one's true motives may reveal right or wrong purposes!

      Is this helpful in anyway, Kashaf or does this address your real concern or curiosities?

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    Jul 22 2012: Kashaf, I see you are a computer science and engineering student. What made you choose this field? Where do you think you can take this training so that you feel interested and challenged and perhaps can improve someone else's quality of life beyond your own?
    I am asking you to ask yourself these questions. You don't need to share your answers here if you don't want to.
    I think asking yourself these questions may show you a fruitful path for yourself.
    Martin Seligman's TED talk on positive psychology is one that addresses the question of how to lead a satisfying and fulfilling life. There are others as well that address your question.
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      Jul 23 2012: Sir,

      I have interest in this field and thats why i decided to have this as my profession ............

      and ha thanx for this question which behaves as answer for my question ...
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    Jul 22 2012: For me I was told it was a part of a "vacation" package, but I'm starting to have my doubts.

    It doesn't matter what you do except that you do what you want to do and only you should decide that.
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    Jul 22 2012: IN MY VIEW:
    This is a very old question that haunts every one who are in their course to find their identity. I personally have found several answers in my own time. What I mean is answer is always different in what reference the question is asked
    In reference of existence or life the answer will be to exist or live.
    In reference of responsibility: the answer will be to fulfill responsibility or giving contribution to family, society and where ever needed in global scale.
    In reference to spirituality: the answer will be to gain or merge with the ultimate consciousness which is not possible in any other form of life. (as per popular belief)
    Now the last question will be how to live. Well the answer is simple again nobody wants to be sad Do they? so live happily, if not available pursue in the direction where you find happiness.
    Ultimately, Linking everything together:
    "We came to this earth to live and fulfill our responsibility consciously such that when we have to leave this world we can we can do so happily".
  • Aug 16 2012: Hi Kashaf

    I'm not sure we come to earth to perform specific tasks as if it was a preplanned event and if it were then everyone on 'stage' are the 'props' and 'extras'. Are we really that important that everyone will readily act along? I don't think so however!

    What seems to make a some sense to me (perhaps alone) is that we are on Earth to develop consciousness. Our lifetime is full of "awareness programs". These intrinsic challenges directs the extrinsic events. So the question then becomes - are we here to prepare for something hereafter?
  • Jul 26 2012: Simply put we are here to leave a legacy that will last forever or until the world blows up