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Stimulant drugs

Sugar and carbohydrates consumed unnaturally in these high volumes and huge amounts become powerful addictive stimulant drugs like cocaine and amphetamines. -- We are consuming a thousand times more carbohydrates than nature ever intended. -- Fruit, grains, vegetables, milk. -- All have become stimulant drugs but we don't know it. -- Stimulant drugs are like being in a adrenaline like state for 24/7 365 days a year. -- From birth until death. -- We are always in a state high. -- We think it's natural and normal. -- This is why we are on the moon and the reason we have populated the earth, in one hundred years, from one billion people, tp seven billion people. -- One mans lifetime. -- It's the reason for all of the madness and the reason for war as well as the core to our global obesity and diabetes and cancer and heart disease epidemics. -- Being in this adrenaline state makes the need more and more and self servitude. -- "The Kingdoms". -- "All the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men". -- "Your Royal Highness" -- All stimulant driven. -- I am personally responsible for this discovery. -- I discovered this while researching "sugar addiction" on goggle a few years back. -- I put two and two together and came up with four. -- It's the purest of truth and an absolute fact, but totally unknown. -- It's impact on our earth and cultures are immeasurable. -- Thank You. -- Tom Bunnell

  • Aug 5 2012: Apparently this is over everybody's heads. Could it be that we are still chimpanzees?
  • Jul 23 2012: This is "Nobel Prize" winning work here folks. -- This is not a "fluke"!

  • Jul 23 2012: In south america the people avoid eating sugar. Even the fruits they grow does not have high amounts of sugar.
    • Jul 23 2012: That's exactly right.

      Sugar is too strong and they know it by nature.

      "Babies first birthday party" and everybody is gathered around the table and one candle is on the cake.

      Baby digs into cake and frosting with both hands and begins to cram it in his mouth.

      Baby'"shutters" and "vibrates" with this massive dose of sugar, almost out of his chair.

      His eyes water wide and watering.

      It's like a seizure.

      Everybody good naturally chuckles and laughs.

      Fun, fun.

      Happy happy!

      He has just taken his first "hit"!

      Now for some "pop".

      Babies first word. "op".

      "Natures Plants" vs "Hybrid Plants" for the fruit.

      When the last "jungle tribe" in south america known by man to exist, was reached by "white" scientists, in the 1960's, I believe.

      The natives were given food to eat and went up on the ridge and watched the "europeans" and ate until they vomited.

      Thought at the time, due to overeating.

      I believe it was all the sugar and starch in that food.

      Totally unnatural to their systems.

  • Jul 22 2012: All of our plant life has been hybrid to raise it's sugar content a thousand times over when you factor in availability and consumption ratios. -- What was once natures perfect foods, have become powerful stimulant drugs. Sugar factories! TB -- "Hybrid Carbohydrates" I call them.