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Is there a practical way to get large scale collaboration between the many different online learning services?

We all know of Edx, Coursera, The Khan Academy, online classes, ReCaptcha, and now TED-Ed, and we all know the subtle unique features of all of them. Is there a practical way to combine these different programs to make an even better learning environment for people of all ages and skill sets?


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    Aug 12 2012: I hate to be the one to say this, because in general, I think "the public", ruin almost everything... but I think this will eventually all be merged with programs like MIT open university, to create a public school online, which offers all of these services incredibly cheap, with "official" accredation.

    I think they haven't really figured out online testing yet, but it's pretty simple, people in government and universities, are just a little dumb. They need to make a webcam required course material, then, when you take tests, they pay some guy 10 bucks an hour, to watch 8 webcams and make sure you're not cheating. Hopefully this will lead to the first actual, rather than dream induced experience of realizing you're in class naked, in front of someone... That would be a joke that literally took hundreds of years to pay off.
    • Aug 12 2012: All that would do is add extra cost and complexity. There is no way to know that the person in front of the camera is person getting credit for the class and even if you do have facial recognition it would still be possible to have someone off camera with a cloned monitor feeding the test taker the correct answer. If people want to cheat there is always a way.
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        Aug 13 2012: The goal isn't to make it impossible to cheat, the goal is to make it as difficult to cheat online, as in real life. If you are looking at your screen, and no 3rd party software is running on your computer, and you have an id on file... It will be as hard to cheat, as if you are in a room with something written on a hand, phone, earbud etc.
        • Aug 13 2012: Ah, I see, I was confused and thought that your goal was to add unnecessary ineffective expense and complexity

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