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Is there a practical way to get large scale collaboration between the many different online learning services?

We all know of Edx, Coursera, The Khan Academy, online classes, ReCaptcha, and now TED-Ed, and we all know the subtle unique features of all of them. Is there a practical way to combine these different programs to make an even better learning environment for people of all ages and skill sets?


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  • Jul 22 2012: Is there a practical way? I am thinking that it wouldn't likely happen. These companies are all competing for the same market of online learning. The competition is probably a good thing. It encourages the companies to make their teaching style even better. Also I just think it is unlikely that these different groups would willing work together on a new teaching method that would potentially outdate their current system. I also know that a lot of online courses are run by universities that need to make a profit. It is simply unlikely.
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      Jul 23 2012: I agree with you Noah. Basic economics shows that if they would merge, creating a monopoly in the online education market, the price of learning would increase. Also, innovation would slowly deteriorate. The competition between these companies promotes creativity and innovation to create new ways of learning. It also provides a cheaper way of accessing online education.
      Unless their is an incentive for them to merge, then it would not likely happen.
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        Jul 26 2012: The antitrust division of the USDOJ would likely take a close look, as such a merger would appear to violate the second section of the Sherman Antitrust Act, which protects consumers against higher prices, reduced quality of service, and reduced innovation.

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