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Are we going to loose our job in 2013?

So here it is, they have successfully given a nick name for the current period. As they called the 1930 as great depression they named the current period as Lesser Depression or Long Recession, the name has definitely got better but the situation doesn't seem to.

Why are the greatest minds of the earth finding it so difficult to fix this and get the market kick started or to the worst case keep it at average.

How from individuals perspective save one self from this heart breaking forecasts.

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    Jul 21 2012: i don't know who coined that name, but i have a better. i would call the current crisis "The Rabbit Hole". the deeper we get, the stranger things we see
  • Jul 24 2012: "Why are the greatest minds of the earth finding it so difficult to fix this ... "

    The only people trying to fix this are the unemployed and underemployed. Those great minds are busy collecting consulting fees, helping corporations become more profitable. Good luck.
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    R H

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    Jul 22 2012: I think it's so difficult because many see this time as a time of opportunity. In 'recess/depression', corps, businesses, and things are cheap, so it's the prime time to accumulate and get stronger, bigger, and more powerful. At the same time, we are on the verge of transforming as humanity. Our technical, genetic, energy, bio-engineered, nano skills are bringing sweeping changes that will make going from the agriculture age to the industrial age seem like a blip on the screen. These are two huge dynamics (in my opinion) that are stagnating solutions. Where's it going? How? When? What do we do? Who will be able to buy our stuff? Who will want or need it? I hope it doesn't get worse before better.
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    Jul 21 2012: Arthanari

    No, look for it to happen in 2014.

    Have an alternative plan for when it happens. Provide a product or service that people (not company) need, instead of want.
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    Jul 21 2012: IN MY VIEW:
    Lets pray it's not a platform for a bigger war to come. As its natural that any depression will bring about a conflict. If conflict is near job will be there but the profile might change. If conflict is further in the future rather relying too much on job it's best to focus on sustainable development of items of basic necessity so that we live to see the end of conflict.