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What would have made the Occupied Movement successful as an attempt by our young adults to make things change for the better?

My son is a follower of the Occupied Movement as a recent college graduate who found it very difficult to find a job in his field of study. I first learned of his passion for the Occupied when viewing his FB entry of a utube video of the Newsies scene when the boys first become organized and decide to strike. His comment "this says it all". So, for his 23rd birthday, I took him to see Newsies on Broadway. It now has a cult following based on what the Occupied stands for. But what does the Occupied stand for? Where are they now? Why aren't they organized enough to drive change in our society? Where is the energy and passion of our youth to rebel against what is wrong in society? And why did it end up to be just a group of homeless people that had no direction?


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    Jul 20 2012: What was the purpose?

    If they are protesting not being able to get a job, they succeeded.

    They were pointing out the banksters were to blame which makes me wonder who put them up to this meme?

    They surely did not get their degree in economics unless it was from professors like Elizabeth Warren.
    • Jul 20 2012: With mortgage interest rates lower than student loans, with corporate America owning for profit colleges that cater to the poorer student to make large amounts of money, with all the funny money Asset Backed Securities and the bail out of Wall Street...you really don't think its the bankers? Really? This depressed economy is from poor fiscal management on all levels. And why on earth, should someone looking to start a future not "blame" corporate america for what they left for them...which is?
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        Jul 20 2012: I could explain but no matter I say you won't hear me.
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        Jul 20 2012: it is actually fascinating that the debate is ongoing for like ... don't know, decades? and you pretend that you never ever heard about the opposing opinion?

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