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A college level course using TED as the driver for discussion, research, and learning.

For some time I've had the though of creating a college level class based on TED Talks. The essence would be to look at different realms of innovation around the globe, the impact of open social media, and the role good story telling plays in communicating ideas.

Final projects could include creating your own TED talk and having a small TEDxEvent in the university. This could likely get a lot of support from local media and truly highlight some of the amazing work going on by students in universities around the world.

1. Is there anything like this going on already?
2. What could it entail and how could it be used to create more collaboration between departments?
3. Is there anybody interested in developing such a course for their university?


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    Jul 21 2012: of course! Have been using TEDTalks for the past two years in my rhetoric, oral communication, and even ethics classes! Truly inspires discussion and creativity... and students adore it! they usually go back home and ask for more! They've even critiqued transcripts of TEDTalks!
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      Jul 23 2012: That is amazing! Have you documented this? Have you shared it with the TED people? The pitfalls and the promises? I think a TED class would be amazing! How about an entire TED study abroad program connecting to the fellows and partners around the world! That is the dream. Possible?
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        Jul 24 2012: That would be a freaking amazing and achievable idea!

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