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We need to begin laying the moral, ethical, cultural, and social foundations for our future TODAY

For millenia now, humanity has been changing, expanding, and relatively thriving. Our world and the people and the nations that inhabit it have gone through countless social, technological, and cultural revolutions. These revolutions have ultimately taken the human race at least a step closer to where we are today and where we will be in the future. It's now time to look at our future with an exponentially more vast of a knowledge that our predecessors had and make a decision. This decision will almost certainly affect whether or not humanity will survive the inevitable trials of the coming future. Today is the day we have to decide to change. We have to start changing how we look at life, how we handle others, how we look at the bigger picture, and, most importantly, how well will we be able to put aside archaic or stubborn beliefs for the improvement of the human race as a whole.

As we move further into the new fields of biotechnology, astrophysics, quantum physics, mathematics, and genetics, it's becoming ever more apparent that we're inevitably going to become a highly advanced species as our evolutionary success intended. But this success will ultimately come at a cost. Eventually, we're going to have to realize the certain technologies like cloning and synthetic biology are necessary. Clones and genetically-engineered organisms will become great tools in the future. Now, there is a lot of controversy over these fields for two great reasons: One, some say we shouldn't play God. Two, some say that these technologies will be manipulated for less-than-good intents. First off, we'll eventually have to manually evolve ourselves physically and socially to exist as a space-faring people. We will have to play God to survive. Second, technology has always had a good and a bad side, but we can limit the evil exploitations now if we come together and set up the ethics and morals of the future. Ultimately, we'll have to ALL unite under ONE human code and ONE human banner.


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    Jul 21 2012: You cannot fix a problem before it is a problem, that's nuts. The only solution is education of the individual after all we want to be educated gods don't we?
    • Jul 21 2012: While you can't fix a problem before it's a problem, you can be proactive about things. That's what I'm saying. I'm saying we should start laying the foundations for our future now. These foundations, like any for our civilization, will lie in how we see the world and life. These foundations will be made up of values, morals, ethics, etc. I'm all for education, and that, in one way, is what I'm calling for. We need to educate people and give them an understanding of the things that might/will one day become normal parts of their lives or their children's or their descendents'. Understanding, along with cooperation, will bring about the values and beliefs of the humanity of the future. We shouldn't wait til something actually becomes a problem. We should either do our best to prevent it and think of a way to handle it when does.
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        Jul 21 2012: That is tantamount to the French building the Maginot Line, it wastes resources.

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