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What is the Perfect Person?

There is an ancient phrase in the western world called "Deus ex Machina". Translated, this means "A God from the Machine". In literature, this describes a common event at the end of Greek dramas in which a pulley would lower an actor playing a god over the stage to portray the realized moral of the story. The problem is, that we only glean the ideals of the storyteller whom we obviously cannot believe is perfect.

My question to the TED society is actually many questions: What are characteristics of great men and women? Is morality to be taken into account? How do we, as simple humans, see perfection? Most importantly, in what direction and by what method is best in order to try to become that "Perfect Person"?

*Keep in mind that I have written the word "person" and not "human" into my question. The perfect human would have, at its bare bones, non-existential traits such as strength, stamina, fertility, etc. In other words, do not confuse "Superhuman" with "Perfect Person".


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    Jul 20 2012: Jesus Christ.
    • Jul 20 2012: That's true in one sense. The entire point of Christianity is to learn the traits of Jesus and internalize them, so therefore, we think of him as the perfect entity. This is despite the fact that in the Bible, even he had not wanted to sacrifice himself for his cause at first, which is a rare moment in which he doesn't seem exactly perfect.

      But also, Jesus is the son of God, and he is not really a perfect person, so much as a demigod.

      God is perfect, but he is perfect in a divine way that a human will never achieve.

      So think of a person as a diamond. We judge the perfection of diamonds based on their ideal characteristics which are color, cut, clarity, carat, and certificate. Even though you may have a perfect diamond, that diamond cannot cure disease, think, or create.

      People are limited in the same way, but there ought to be ways to judge their perfection. I would suggest that we create a "perfect person scale" made up of a ratio of aptitude to characteristics.
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        Jul 21 2012: Hi Zach.
        Then I guess the perfect person would care for others more than themselves. Love others more than themselves, & seek good for others. Devoid of personal greed & ambition. All this is not possible for us at present, but we can aspire to these things.

        • Jul 21 2012: I definitely agree with that! Love seems to be admired universally as a perfect trait. (Well, at least among non-cynics.) ;)

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