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If the universe is expanding - what is it expanding into?

what is THAT space called
and why isn't it part of the universe now?


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    Aug 17 2012: We don't know the answer to this question.

    So it's speculation.
    Within that speculation, there are some plausible ideas, though some are in conflict with what we do know.

    I follow the mainstream (scientific) interpretation that it's no use talking about space-time outside our universe.
    We can assume that the expansion creates the spacetime as it expands, but we don't need to assume anything to exist "outside" i.e. there is no outside.

    However, if we assume a multiverse, then we have some kind of dimentionalities or fabrics that might be somewhat similar to spacetime. maybe holographic, maybe multidimentional. If so, then it would probably expand in our dimensions.

    If you take the methaphor of a cone on a plane, where the start is the tip, and the cone stretches over a time axis, then you can think of this universe as existing already in that total space-time. Only thing in such a case is that we are currently somewhere along the time line (and not able to move back and fro at our own will), but it all "exists" from an outside perspective. (but then again, that outside perspective might be non-existent...)
    To us, it expands in what is the total shape of our space-time continuum.

    I think that's quite plausible...
    • Aug 18 2012: Exactly what I was going to say ...

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