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If the universe is expanding - what is it expanding into?

what is THAT space called
and why isn't it part of the universe now?


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  • Aug 9 2012: thanx for the very illucidating explanation, Luis - I hate to admit it: it's WAY over my head; my mental horizon extends to our comfortable three dimensions and in all other things, including punctuation marks, the here and now.
    Uncle. I give up. I threw out the question for gigs and shittles, knowing in advance I'd get answers ranging from ridicule to religious dogma to indecipherable mathematical concoctions. And that's what I got. Thanks one and all, seriously. Universe 101 is over, out, finished, kaput. No mas. My very earth-bound brain hurts. You may, of course, continue to do battle with that subject yourselves, boys and girls but I'm out of the loop.

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