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If the universe is expanding - what is it expanding into?

what is THAT space called
and why isn't it part of the universe now?


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  • Jul 27 2012: There is another way to look at this.

    If all objects are accelerating away from one another simultaneously, you could say that space itself is expanding but you could also say that space is remaining constant and matter is shrinking.

    From our prospective we would be unaware of our shrinking because everything else is shrinking at an equal rate. It would just appear that everything is accelerating away.

    If we are shrinking then the universe isn't "expanding" into anything.
    • Jul 27 2012: Think the ratio of the amount of perceived travel so far, compared to amount stuff would have to shrink to Crete that perception, is off to the amount of everything having long ago disappeared. Remember though, just because matter is not bumping off of anything that does not mean it's not matter (dark matter).
      • Jul 27 2012: What I'm saying is that there is a ratio between the size of the universe and the size of matter within it.

        You can express a change in this ratio by saying that the universe is expanding or by saying that matter is shrinking and you'd be equally correct because they are the same thing.
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          Jul 27 2012: Right. The way I figure it, the cosmos is like a machine or organism that produces significance, order, or 'sense' through privately experienced time at the cost of the production of entropy as a kind of topological exhaust (public space).

          It sounds crazy, but I think it works, and it explains the existence of order, life, and consciousness in the universe.
        • Jul 27 2012: I agree in respect to the the ratio of stuff to space being constant in ratio regardless of expansion or retraction. But the amount of space coud not remain "constant" relative to shrinking matter and maintain a ratio. I totally agree though, in a universe of Infinite paradox and subdivision infinite shrinkage might as well be a consideration. Could you frame this in regards to the perception of expansion speeding up? Or in this case shrinkage speeding up?
      • Jul 28 2012: I believe this probably explains the concept much better than I could;


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