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If the universe is expanding - what is it expanding into?

what is THAT space called
and why isn't it part of the universe now?


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    Jul 26 2012: Quoted from Wiki Answers - I think this isa very good answer:
    "There is no 'edge' to our Universe; even if you were able to somehow able to travel faster than light, and go beyond our observable universe, you would never encounter an edge, no matter how far you looked. Likewise, the Earth is finite in size, but there is no edge to the Earth; it's a curved surface. Mathematicians would call this a 2-dimensional surface of positive curvature, embedded in 3 dimensions---you can travel around the earth, and eventually end up where you start. The universe works the same way, except that it is a three-dimensional curved surface embedded in four (spatial) dimensions. Just like we can't find the center of the Earth anywhere on its surface, there is no center to the Universe that we can find, because we are stuck on its 3-dimensional surface; the center is in a higher dimension. (I know that sounds bizarre!)"

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_on_the_other_side_of_the_universe#ixzz21jvUUXiI
    • Jul 26 2012: This is not true anymore. Taurus and donut shaped concepts are now not as popular due to the fact that space is indeed expanding. And the Kepler space program is indeed showing that the universe is flat and expanding outwardly. "spooky action" as Einstein put it aka dark energy seeps into our universe pushing it outwards and indeed onwards. Seriously now think about it. We see as far as light has been able to travel in 13 billion years since the big bang and right down to the second it happened. But we can only this far. That does not mean that there is nothing "spacey" past this point. It just means that is where it began for us. 3 years ago we were pretty sure we were one of kind as far as the Goldylocks zone for habitual planets but look where we are now. We do only perceive in limited dimensions and there are other ones all around us, i personally think the Higgs field has a lot to do with the Brane connecting dimensions but its is just my pipe dream, our universe does not have to be closed to other ones just because we are blind before time. It just means it wasn't our time grandly speaking.

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