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If the universe is expanding - what is it expanding into?

what is THAT space called
and why isn't it part of the universe now?


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  • Jul 19 2012: Five answers, nay: opinions, to my query. I am thankful for every one. What did I expect? Empirical answers? that would cause to to slap my forehead and say “Duh, why didn't I think of that?”
    Sadly, for me, almost all 'answers' far exceed my minutia-oriented earthly mental horizon. And since it soon won't make much difference, again, for me – I think I'll stick to a good meal, a good woman and a good book. I have empirical evidence for all three.
    Thank you one and all.
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      Jul 19 2012: Michael-
      You have 30 days remaining on your very relevant question. You cannot seek refuge in food, women and fantasy for a whole month, it's like intellectual Ramadan, or really extended Lent. Buck up lad! Lead us to enlightenment. You can do it!
      • Jul 20 2012: Thank you for your encouraging comments, Edward
        I am sorry to disappoint you. I seem to have have stumbled into a collection of Mensa-sized minds and am way out of my league. Not an excuse – just acknowledgment and acceptance of fact. I's just that I do question my world, it's mysteries intrigue me and with nothing better to do on a lazy afternoon I thought I'd throw out a question and see what happens.
        To maybe better understand: after years of WW2 experience up close and personal as a child and totally alone, disillusioned with the world I had inherited from my parents and their peers I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to buy a steam ship ticket to the new world and leave Europe. At 21 I finally was and did. Although incredibly difficult, without a trade or English language skills, I persevered and became exclusively occupied with wordly success. At the expense of education, enjoying the finer things in life – and seeking the company of men and women of intelligence, knowledge, wit and experience.
        I never doubted my capacity. Still don't. As sorry as I am now at 76 to never have put this capacity to work on an intellectual level (it has proven itself in many other ways) I have to concede my failure to not have changed, altered course, some 50 years ago.
        Again, I thank you and implore you to grab a young mind and mold him or her into something I could have been. You're welcome to use my story as a deterrent to do anything less :-)
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          Jul 20 2012: Oh balderdash! I hear in your story the delight of painting a word picture which passes information from you to another wandering pilgrim. Trust me Michael these TED folks are wrong as often as they are right, we all are. It is not about age, or education, or intelligence. It is about a free exchange of ideas worth sharing in an atmosphere of mutual respect and decency. Your question is most excellent and you should respond briefly to each contributor. You can start with me by answering my request for a definition of the word "space" as you understand it. I look forward to the vigorous exchange your question will surely generate. Hang in there friend and thanks for sharing your incredible story.--Edward
        • Jul 20 2012: In my humble opinion, you are giving us FAR too much credit.

          Please stick around. This is educational and entertaining.

          Edward, an excellent question, What is space? Is any space actually empty? Is all space full of multiple 'fields' for gravity, electromagnetism, and who knows what fields dark matter might generate? I too would like answers, even if they are just opinions.

          Addition: Please note the first three words of the first reply.
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      Jul 20 2012: what a waste of time

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