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Are there questions that we're too afraid to ask?

For what-ever reason be it that it confronts us with something we don't want to face, puts us out of our comfort zone or has a danger of bringing up contraversial topics.
If there is such case is that an example of where we chose igonrance over turth or comfort over curiosity?
And what wider implication has that got for the pursuit of truth if we are unwilling to ask all questions?
By the way if you can think of such a question feel free not to ask it if you really don't think it should be asked.


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    Jul 19 2012: I think people are more afraid of honesty than they are of asking questions.
    Sometimes answers or solutions are not as easy as people are ready to accept.

    And lies, ignorance, laziness and convinience seems the easy way out.
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      Jul 19 2012: Feyisayo,
      I do agree with you.people may not be so reluctant in putting forward there questions,they may be indeed in getting back the answers.
      answers may not be as we wish it to be but i don't think if we wish the answers to be the way we want it to be then there is no point in asking questions.the last four attributes as stated by you do may play a role in it.
    • Jul 19 2012: But do some questions not require a degree of honesty? An honesty to admit that there are things we don't know or don't want to know?
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        Jul 20 2012: If there are things that we dont want to know, then why ask questions about them? Or better put, in asking questions i assume that one is on a search for truth. If not, then why the question?
        If it is a search for truth, then certain truths may not be as simple as one has thought them to be.
        Sometimes in providing honest answers you have to come in contact which those things which you may not want to know.

        Because if you ask a question, and you've already set the bounds for the answer, then a rational mind should question your motive for ever asking the question.

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