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why over 2000-pounds vehicle is used to transport 150-pounds person?

why over 2000-pounds vehicle is used to transport 150-pounds person, do we really need this speed and range of cars? world evolved into a place without distances and borders, and maybe even without time - these are domains of our reality, but isn't there a ominous paradox within, the faster we're living - the less time we have; the faster our "standard of live" grows - the more phony dependencies we create (e.g. in crucial sectors - as agriculture), the more we posses, the less happy we are; let’s start by walking slowly.


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    Jul 18 2012: Hello Damian,

    I agree with you that we have to slow down for the best of our existence, but the economic system we are using will not allow this to happen due to its immanent drive for 'growth' as a result of the debt-creating monetary system.

    So if you wish to slow down, the monetary system needs to be changed first and then 'for' and not 'against' the people.

    Honestly, I am quite pessimistic that this will ever happen, as most people do not realise the true cause of this continuous acceleration of the 'hamster wheel' and keep running faster and faster within.

    You will always find many advocates for the given system, which still believe in the good of 'free markets' and 'deregulation' of any government and usually those people are more influencial than others.

    In my view, the control of the monetary system belongs in the hands of the people which live within it, and that it is used to serve all of them and not just a view. And no, this is no communism or socialism or any of this 'black' and 'white' stereotypes, yet the only way back to humanity on the long run.

    And, by the way, in this given system those 2000+ pound cars will only change due to a lack of resources and not by reason, and just a view can see alternatives beyond the socialist 'Trabant' car design... ;o)
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      Jul 21 2012: Hello, thank you for sharing your opinion; I’m afraid that solution won’t come from any kind of logical analysis but rather from next sort of “shock” which will re-direct our way of life, just as industrial and information revolutions which totally defined all kind of current circumstances

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