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Modify the U.S. Constitution to include "for citizens."

The U.S. Constitution should be updated to include "for all citizens" in the first paragraph whereby the rights of the citizens are protected. No other country guarantees our rights when we go there. Why should we allow others who manage to get into America to have the same rights as the citizens? Do they pay taxes?

The world has changed. It is now time to close our borders and unite as Americans. Until the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is updated to state that only "citizen" rights are protected, then we will continue to have problems. We shouldn't be providing a safe harbor for anyone who gets in. We've lost control of America. We've lost control of our government. We've lost control of our education system. We've lost control of our health care system.

Why are we allowing terrorists to have the same rights as American citizens?! I mean, we are ACTUALLY trying terrorists in our court systems! This is treasonous! I love my country! I support our military! This is wrong!

America, we need to unite as a people. We need to come together. Updating the U.S. Constitution would be the first step in ensuring the survival of capitalism and America.


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  • Jul 19 2012: The Constitution is a mission statement, to all who read it. Its committing itself to a standard. Why would you believe in the words only if they apply only to itself(I am a born-citizen of several generations of born-citizens by the way)? Closing boarders goes both-ways, and you'd be surprised how globalized our country is should those global economic input and outputs were removed. Why should our definition of justice be different for outsiders? The shameful thing is that it is already different. I don't see what good self-pride and conviction does when it is completely internalized.

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