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Do all individuals bear some form of insecurity?

Every person I know faces challenges that goes back to the insecurities they have cultivated over a period of time. They are of different genders, age, background, yet seem to struggle because of the insecurities they carry.
Are we, as human beings, constructed in a way that innately leaves room for insecurities to breed as we experience life?

  • Jul 19 2012: Fear of the unknown makes us insecure.Through Knowledge & wisdom we can overcome insecurities. A religious person overcomes insecurity by reposing faith in GOD. It is "AGNANA" or lack of wisdom that breeds insecurity. Desire in a way also breeds insecurity. Human beings as long as thay are under the influence of "MAYA" or illusion will experience the feeling of insecurity.
  • Jul 31 2012: I think many people fool themselves into thinking that they are completely secure. If something happens to break this illusion they are crushed and traumatized.
  • Jul 23 2012: Yes, we all have insecurities, for different reasons.

    In my work sometimes I have to climb to tanks in chemical plants and I'm afraid to heights. I felt from a breadfruit tree when I was 7. That day was recorded in my memory as a stigma.

    Every time I have the oportunity I climb as much as i can and I feel I will loose consciousnes. My work partner see me and ask me why i did it. I say to him that i'm not affraid of my fears. Living with them is part of being human.

    Drive changes in other people with you example.
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    Jul 19 2012: Any sense of security is illusory, but some can ignore that all the live-long day. Insecurity itself you can trade on the open market it's so prevalent. If we could cast aside all sense of insecurity we would be deemed insane rather than the ultimate self-assured individual. I think in one sense it is a survival mechanism - don't get too comfortable, be ever-wary of changing circumstances, etc. Keep moving or die. :)
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    Jul 19 2012: Howdy Sneha
    Yes I think we all do but also feel some can hide it pretty well.
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    Jul 18 2012: I think it is a human tendency to wish for 'security' and that we struggle each time when we realise its instable nature ...
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    Jul 18 2012: I really have known some truly and totally secure individuals - and they were neither more advanced nor more special. Somehow, I find these persons to be broken and they simply have no awareness of it - it is everyone else's problem.
    Maybe we carry our humanity in our broken places and maybe our humanity really depends on how we relate to our individual brokenness.