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We should have a contingency plan for technology failure.

We have left basics of live far behind & we are all out dependent on technology now, What would happen with us if there is all out technology failure. Don't you see this a threat to humans.

What contingent plan should we have ?

What comes to my mind is that everybody should at least live one or two days in a year with basics & try to survive with what is nature gifted in surroundings just to get an idea on how face such disaster.

What is your thoughts here. Do you agree ?



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    Jul 20 2012: If technology fails to fulfill the needs of human, then its solution will be inside technology. There is no unification of technology has been done. It has been developed in discrete way. So if one technology fails then men will find other technology to resolve it. Yes sticking to nature is something always appreciable. It’s a good idea if man sticks to nature once in a week or thrice. But it should be on mass level.
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      Aug 1 2012: Hi Naveen,

      What I,m referring to is emergency disasters. Like currently there is power failure in India which resulted 600 million without electricity which also resulted traffic Jams on the roads & etc.

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