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Has technology accelerated human evolution?

my question is based on my observations of events that have happened in my own lifetime,we went from conventional warfare to atomic bombs ,we went from party line telephones to blue tooth, we went from the encyclopedia to ipads,we went from maps to gps,we went from libraries to kindle,we went from Sunday dinner to Mc Donalds,we went from radio to 50"flat screen 3d television,skype,electric cars,and we put a man on the moon.All of this in one life time.what use to take millions of years to happen,. is now happening in generations.I watch little kids walking towards doors they dont stop because they know its going to open,young children using computers to write and draw.I guess my question is,am I right in thinking that human evolution is accelerating.


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    Jul 24 2012: I understand that evolution has a positive sense, it means to change from one determined state to a better one qualitatively speaking. It is true that today humans enjoy more efficient technological devices, technology that has affected the way they think, behave and live; however, the effects are not necessarily good. No evolution involves the destruction of a species' environment, no evolution involves the drive for a species to kill each other, no evolution involves the improvement of means to keep amassing fortunes, keep getting power and keep controling society at the expense of others of their own kind's suffering and death. That is involution.

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