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Has technology accelerated human evolution?

my question is based on my observations of events that have happened in my own lifetime,we went from conventional warfare to atomic bombs ,we went from party line telephones to blue tooth, we went from the encyclopedia to ipads,we went from maps to gps,we went from libraries to kindle,we went from Sunday dinner to Mc Donalds,we went from radio to 50"flat screen 3d television,skype,electric cars,and we put a man on the moon.All of this in one life time.what use to take millions of years to happen,. is now happening in generations.I watch little kids walking towards doors they dont stop because they know its going to open,young children using computers to write and draw.I guess my question is,am I right in thinking that human evolution is accelerating.


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  • Jul 20 2012: If anything technology has created the mind quickening evolution. It has demonstrated to our mind the innovation, imagination and passing of ideas has no limit. As space travel has illuminated out ability to reach the stars, technology has open corridors in the mind not traveled even by Einstein. One we were shacked by the blinders we artificially put on the brain. Now we see in a radius of 360 degrees in every plane. I doubt the rest of our body will catch up, for we still move at the speed of Maine. Someday maybe our bodies will move forward, as medicine unlocks the nano of our core. But till that day, maybe next week the mind will sores while the body drags...
    • Jul 21 2012: Russell thanks for your thoughts on this subject, I think we probably reached our physical peak before the stone age and I think we started refining our intelligence during the stone age, look at what was accomplished during that period, tools, fire,farming,preserving of food,communication,shelter,creating social interaction,people from different families forming tribes,all of these things had only one purpose, survival, and so it goes.

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