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Why human species is not as colorful as Butterfly, Fish and other Birds.

I see there are many different varieties of fish all in different colors and patterns. But why humans are not having varied colors like red blue or green.

What scientific factors cause this and how would the world have been if there are humans in all the colors of rainbows?


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    Jul 18 2012: ...because human uses their brain to CUSTOMIZE themselves :)
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      Jul 18 2012: By customize do you mean the wardrobe?

      if yes, the color that i wonder does't apply to humans is of the skin color. Do you mean because we wear costumes the color genes in our body got suppressed.
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        Jul 18 2012: no !!! we are taught to give a thought over our instincts, other species are not able to give second thought on whatever they have or whatever they are doing ... may be because of this they are not able to change themselves as we did or doing....

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