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How valuable is a second opinion to us ?

Are second (or even third) opinions necessary for the human mind to feel vindicated ?
What percentage of the decisions you make are without taking a second opinion ?
Why does one feel the need for a second opinion ?

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    Jul 18 2012: Second opinion is valuable to all but the selfish or proud.
    Even Jesus asked his disciples at some point "Who do people say I am? And who do you say I am?"

    Seeing only from our own perspective is inadequate and could blind us to our failings or errors. That is why we live in a community; to interact, agree, disagree, ask questions, and engage in critical thinking.

    Second opinions vindicate when our views are critically examined against another. Decisions made based on 2nd or 3rd opinion may not be perfect; but decisions made by a snob who thinks he or she has the monopoly of good thinking is more prone to error.
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    Jul 18 2012: I am a questioner and I also love research. The information network provided for us through the internet (invented by Al Gore LOL) is a great tool. That said I question everything.

    A little common sense should be used here. I would not go to either Democratic or Republican headquarters to ask if Obama is doing a good job. However, in matters of major investment, cars, homes, medical opinions, etc ... I would recommend that the person do all of the research possible and take notes because terms are very important in realestate, car sales, and medicine.

    Do you understand POINTS, SHORTSALES, REPROS, FINANCING in realestate. Do your own math and then go to a pro and ask intelligent questions. This also allows for you to spot someone taking you for a ride.

    How about the auto world. New car? Do you understand what the dealer and manufactures responsibilities are before you sign up for extended services. Do your own math on payments. Is a trade in a good deal or should you sell you own car? Do the homework before going to the lot.

    Medical terms and options are sometimes confusing. One of the easiest things is to check if your insurance is going to cover the procedure, has this been pre approved, etc .. I am old fashioned and like to have some of those answers in writing. When told what I have I get on line and read up. On my next visit I can ask pertent questions and get direct answers. Yes, I then go for a second opinion especially if it involves cutting me open or long term effects are involved. Again check to see if this is covered by your insurance prior to making the appointment and get it in writing.

    Yeh it soulds like a lot of work and it is. But .... who loves ya baby .... no need to take chances with either your health or your pocketbook.

    All the best. Bob.
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    Jul 18 2012: While it should be 'de rigeur" and it is truly extremely important most of us are so polite that we do not insist upon it - to our own great harm. Without it - you do not know if the first person's guess is even viable.
    How often would you take the first person's advice on your love life - and doctors exploit this tendency with stern assurances of credibilty and projections of greater confidence than they should possibly feel. A great doctor should want another opinion for you too.
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    Jul 18 2012: A second (or a third, fourth...) opinion, is a nice way for enjoying the other's wisdom. And it's generally for free! Then if we can help giving our opinion or we can be helped listening theirs, why not doing it?
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    Jul 18 2012: Seeking a variety of points of view is a component of critical thinking that allows a person to understand an issue better. Collecting a variety of points of view also protects somewhat against possible bias in any one.