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Be honest with yourself; Do you ever agree with whatever it is you are quoting or is your admiration for whomever you are quoting a bias?

To be more specific; to suggest that we might not ever have to quote is an impossible task. But is there such a thing as quoting too much and how far do you believe in the person you are quoting? Be honest; do you really agree with what you are quoting or are you somehow being biased becasue it comes from someone you either admire or that you know who's views societs repects.
Is there ever really a sense of detachment when it comes to quoting?


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  • Jul 18 2012: In many cases, it works in the opposite direction.

    I admire a quote, and because of the quote I then admire the source.

    For me, detachment seems natural. I was taught from a very young age to think for myself and be very dubious of people that society respects. We are all human and we all have our faults and limitations.
    • Jul 18 2012: I hope that would be the case for the majority of people but I'm very dubious of that. But maybe i should give people the benefit of the doubt. Still it is a question that people should ask themselves more often, not just specifically to my example but to life in general; to believe in something because you feel it is right and not simply because it comes from someone you simply admire.

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