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Imagine you were sent decades into the future with the task of selling your decade as the golden age to visit. How would you argue the case?

I recently watched Midnight in Paris (brilliant by the way) where Owen Wilsons character is transported in time to 1920's Paris every midnight. The story focuses on this golden age desire that I think everyone has. That feeling that the ages before ours were always better, that no one is ever satisfied with the age they live in.
So maybe we just don't appreciate the age we live in so how would you argue the case for our age to be the golden era? Even if you don't actually feel it is.

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    Jul 18 2012: Nope the more modern age is always better. Why? glad you asked.

    Man evolves and his materials evolve. The basic purpose of man is to conquer the universe. As time progresses man and his materials evolve furthering him on his basic purpose.

    Of course is some whack job blows up the world that is a different matter but otherwise the above is the way it is whether you agree or not.
    • Jul 18 2012: Hi Pat,
      I see what you are saying however it doesn't really answer my question. People always beleive that another age was the golden era to live in. Your answer wouldn't really attract aynone to your era. I'm not asking if the modern age is always better, because logically it is, rather how would you sell it as a golden era to someome ftrom the future for them to visit?
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        Jul 18 2012: I wouldn't as it would not be true. But if I had to it would be a matter of finding out what the person was looking for, what is the emotional need they are looking for, this is how all marketing works. The emotional reason is different for different people but in a nut shell it is what helps then to survive better the women want to be more attractive and men want to be tougher and have more money as the that is how women survive better and men survive better. Someone no doubt will say this is not true but it is...

        Short answer is it depends on who you are selling to.
        • Jul 18 2012: Pat,
          Maybe you have too logical a mind for this. Why is our age the Golden Age and not, say, the Renaissance, or the 1920's or the Swinning Sixties? What has our era (or yours) have to offer? Why should it be so attractive to visit?
          You're not selling it to anyone specifically.
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        Jul 18 2012: I think this is the beginning of the possibility of living a life of understanding.
        • Jul 18 2012: i think we're on different wave lengths. But anyway thank you for your contribution.
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        • Jul 18 2012: "Like you have shit in your mouth"? Not really sure what brought that about but i find that offensive and degratory language on a platform such as this really cheapens the experience.
          Would you like to apologize or at least explain your use of aggression please.
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        Jul 18 2012: It's an old joke, not at your expense. But no apology. Incidentally I think many would find your arrogance offensive as well but then again that would require that I care.
        • Jul 18 2012: I think i'll be the judge of wether its at my expense or not. But maybe yuo didn't mean for it to sound so offensive? I'll take the benefit of doubt assume it as more humorous stab, or to put in our words; "taking the piss" .i.e you were simply poking fun? I can live with that.
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        Jul 18 2012: I should not answer questions that I don't agree with between you and another poster on another thread I was wasting my time.

        The comment really was not at your expense.
    • Jul 18 2012: : Pat,
      I think there's been a massive mis-understanding and i'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. I'll trust what you say about it not being at my expense. After all I never wanted to have a fall out and i am genuinely sorry if at any time i have sounded arrogant or the like.
      I hope there's no hard feelings
      All the best and again thanks for the contribution
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        Jul 18 2012: It was just that genuinely answered your question 3 times and your response was a snub at the same time another poster did a similar thing and completely ignored my points going on wallowing in his complete ignorance.

        My mistake was to answer the points at all as I didn't agree with the premise in the first place, I shot myself in the foot.
        • Jul 18 2012: Sorry to hear that Pat and that was pretty rude of me. I guess i thought that what you were saying weren't really answering my question that i had in mind but thats probably to do with my question being unclear. I understood what you were saying and have to agree with what you were saying though i just found it irrelevent to what i was trying to ask. Again sorry if i came across as being disrespectful.

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