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Imagine you were sent decades into the future with the task of selling your decade as the golden age to visit. How would you argue the case?

I recently watched Midnight in Paris (brilliant by the way) where Owen Wilsons character is transported in time to 1920's Paris every midnight. The story focuses on this golden age desire that I think everyone has. That feeling that the ages before ours were always better, that no one is ever satisfied with the age they live in.
So maybe we just don't appreciate the age we live in so how would you argue the case for our age to be the golden era? Even if you don't actually feel it is.

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  • Jul 18 2012: I think you've come up with a brilliant question.

    I don't think I could sell this decade as 'golden'.

    The whole 'Golden Age' thing is a nostalgic idea, where people aren't fully aware of the possibilities of their experimenting and tinkering.

    Perhaps this decade we are in now will be seen as the golden age of ideas.
    • Jul 18 2012: This is closer to what I'm looking for and I thank you for the word "nostalgia" I've been trying to think of it for ages so let me re-phrase; "From a nostalgic point of view, how would you sell this age as the golden era?"

      Of course maybe you are saying that it being the golden age of ideas is enough to attract anyone? I'd be satisfied with that.
    • Jul 18 2012: p.s even though you might not have answered my question specifically yuo have answered what i might have wanted, or should have, asked.

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